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Calligraphic sans for Fall of Constantinople

Thanks in advance. Full cover here

I realize it may be done by hand; if that's the case, any recommended approximations would be greatly appreciated!


[whoops double comment]

Nice "5". Not a lot of people make it like that (in fact offhand I only know of Harvey, Catich... and yours truly :-) so that's a strong lead.

Related: http://www.flickr.com/photos/48413419@N00/4099946192


Yes I do think it was done by hand; the two /t-s and two /e-s seem different.

Many similarities: Bouwsma, Philip/CorvallisSans

Ah, ad Bouwsma to that list!


To all: thanks so much! Corvallis Sans: where have you been all my life?

The fall of Constantinople was a very important and major event of the history. Thanks for this post.

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Being a fan of history myself, this was of immense interest for me too.

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