Printed in France, picture self explanatory

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Certificate award to veterans of Dunkirk, 1940

french cert font.jpg1.4 MB
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Looks very close to Publication JNL, a bit lighter weight and a longer tail on the Q

- Herb

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are there similar typefaces?

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Similar: WoodenType/Jordan Davies/DeVinne-Regular

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Thank you for your help. I spent a long time trying to identify this font, using " My Fonts" etc
I have never ever posted on the internet before,as I am a complete novice, and I was pleased to see replies, unfortunately I must request a new password every time I attempt to log in to this site. I was so pleased to see a such a good match displayed as De Vinne, but when I got the fonts and installed them, they were so different to the example type displayed on "My Fonts" - had a curly tail on the Q etc. I am quite baffled now and ready to give up on my interest in typefaces, it is just too difficult. However in the meantime any help would still be appreciated. by the way is the typeface in the rest of the document the same as the Large Capitals.

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There are several fonts called "DeVinne" in the world to make it confusing. The one with the curly tail is perhaps a Bitstream variant. If you note above character display, the Wood Type De Vinne Regular has the straight tail as in your sample. It is conceivable you were sent the wrong font so you should check your purchase.

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The typefaces in the example shown are original DeVinne (and derivates) cuts, from the original Gustav Schroeder design released by Central Type Foundry in 1890. The style continued to be popular as a text face up to the 1920s.

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