Need ID for this beautiful script

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It's on the home page. Does it look familiar to anyone out there? Thanks for any clues.

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It looks like the sort of thing that Roberto de Vicq de Cumptich might do.

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Don't know if it's actually a font, more a custom artwork and lettering for this special occasion.
Complete illustration here:
When looking at this webpage, I noticed the script on the right "Click Here! To Enter Pub 48" wich I think should be Lavanderia. Now going back on the artwork, looks like "Society of Publication Designers" has been set in Lavanderia too. So may be, rest of the lettering "Pub N 48" could have been also derived from the same font.
Same layering style but different design: Quintet by Okano Kunihiko, available through Photo Lettering Inc.

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Thanks for your help, Ryuk and Nick. I think Quintet will work with some modifications.

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