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The Lion's Share Restaurant Logo Type

Need some help finding out what this type is. I've looked around, but with no real luck. Help!


No one knows what this font might be? Help!

What makes you think in terms of "a font"?
It looks like an handlettered monogram.

Are there similar looking font out there that I could use?

It depends on which letters you need to make “come together” with your logotype.
There are mid-weight script typefaces which may be close but you’ll have to add any eventual interlocking by redrawing parts of them, so I’m not sure using a typeface is the best solution.

Maybe you could start from something like this: http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/schizotype/gelato-script/ or this http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/bluevinyl/fancier-script/ but not sure it’s the best way to go: if you need to produce a similar logo, you have to draw it freehand.

Similar: Worthington, Laura/Gioviale-Bold

Thanks so much! I will take one of the fonts and freehand the rest to make it happen.