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A heavy Devanagari font called Modak.


Nice. Make it work with Klimax! Or Sutturah.


@ Hrant, Thanks for compliments, I will be creating the Latin version soon. will share that as well.

If you want some feedback, you might try the Discussion, Design, or Critique boards. If you are announcing the release of a typeface, use the Release board. People don’t really look at the blogs section to provide feedback. It’s a board full of personal blogs for the most part, and doesn’t get nearly as much traffic as the afore mentioned boards.

Sure Chris, I will note this, thanks.

Any additional screenshots or not yet?

Novosibirsk in da house!
I once spent ~3 days in your city, and admired its authenticity.


Here is one more images of Modak Devangari display type.