Victorians ID

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May I ask for your expert help in identifying the fonts used on this advert--or similars? I'm going for a slavishly authentic look.
Thank you so much for your time and help!

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A number of those are in a genre called De Vinne.

"Spirit World" looks like Tiffany.

"Wonderful Manifestations" is a narrow "Modern" style.

"Face to Face ...." reminds me of the Trade/News Gothics.


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"YOU ARE BROUGHT" looks like a manually bolded Atlantis - and the only digital version I'm aware of is by Rick Mueller.

To me, "Wonderful Manifestations" looks like a condensed Clarendon, similar to Willow or Clarendon Condensed.

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Some in the same vein for "A NIGHT OF"/"THE VEIL DRAWN"/"FACT"/"YOU ARE BROUGHT": Victorian Gothic, Arcade

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