Can anyone help me ID this font type

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This font is actually located on this site. I have searched for almost 10 hours on the computer today and no font comes close to it. I need to have the whole alphabet.
Thank you so much in advance for helping me. God Bless your heart

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Rose Marie -

If you look, you'll see that there's a forum named "Type ID Board", which is where people hang out who like identifying fonts, rather than this 'general discussion' group.

However, before you move it there (or someone moves it for you) I have a couple of questions:

What do you mean "actually located on 'this' site"? What website are you talking about? Or, where did you find these images? Offhand, they look like they're from an alphabet of raster graphics (like jpg images) without the clean outlines that a font will usually have. Either that or they're a font created from a very low resolution scan.

- Herb

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dont know, here is one but sorry it is not even close "AmedicusCapsSSK"

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Those are almost certainly Initial Caps rather than a complete UC and LC font and probably are ca. 1870's.

I too could not find the font either in current fonts, specimen books on hand or the net, but I have a big shortage of European specimens so it may have originated there. When you do your search, I suggest keywords: ornate, initials, ornamented, etc. in various combinations and see what you may turn up.

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