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Ray Bradbury

need an id on this one,



whoops ! double topic post, but this one has the attachment.


anyone, please ?

i look at it and my brain wants to call it a very distorted use of Benguiat.


maybe a condensed version, or just plain old not quite it...

This is gonna give Hrant a lotta "cause"'... but anyway.

This is a close approximation I think. It's called "Barney" from Bright Ideas which apparently used to be a magazine in Carlsbad CA which apparently went out of business and left no forwarding address. They apparently issued some 500 fonts over time* .

What is the status of abandonware? Is that such a term? Does it mean anything here?

While Dafont has a group of Bright Ideas designs(!), there is no apparent supplier for this specific font. I can't recommend its use but am curious.


^ That's similar but the e, y, h, t are very different. It's not an exact match to any of the characters.