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Hi to everyone!!
I´m a graphic design student from Chile and i love to design screen fonts. I hope you critique this very much cause i need this to growing up too fast as i can to edit this fonts in a near future in a i-mode phone as a Display Typography for nttDocomo services(Japan).
This font is based on a display font called Llanquihue, and you can found it on www.tipografía.cl
Please let me know what do you think!

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Here's a direct link to Miguel's Llanquihue:

Some other nice stuff at www.tipografia.cl.
Very cool, Miguel!


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Sorry Scoles, but the Llanquihue is property of Francisco Gálvez, and my one is a pixel version specially design, now critique the gif file called LlanquihuePIXEL, thats all!

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llanquihue.swf (7 k)

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Perhaps it's a contrast issue between the red and the black, but I'm finding this very hard to read. The thin strokes practically disappear.

Have you considered building this a little larger?

Please post some sample words so we may see the face in context.

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