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1970s groovy font with some swashes

Finnish book covers, from two different publishers. Years: 1979 and 1980.
Wishing you a very funky New Year!


Originally a photo-lettering face called Loose New Roman. Digitized by Jason Walcott as Periwinkle.

Digitized by yours truly as Loo Snoo Roman NF...


Nick - this is meant in the spirit of constructive criticism.

Every time I see one of your recreations of a photo lettering font, I'm at first excited to see that a quality version now exists digitally - and then disappointed that you opt to pick and choose between the original's default and alternate characters. Why not include them all and make your offering so much more useful?

In this case, the poster cannot use your font to recreate the second image because he/she needs both (very different) versions of several caps.

The price you ask makes for incredible value, but what's the point if the user requires characters found in the original font that aren't in yours? I suppose that's not very common, but still ...

What if you put the alternates in a second font (relatively easy to do) and offered both for, in this case, $10.95 or so?

Just my one cent worth ...

Can you say "custom commission"? :-)


Nice one, guys, thanks! Solid business advice from Mike there as well. Separate swashy version is certainly a good practice.

There is an easily found group of four fonts named "Loose New Roman", including plain, swash, wide, and wide swash vairiants. The fonts are anonymous, with no copyright or creator information. In the copyright field they say "aka Romanopolis or Scrollopolis"

There is also a free font named Ziggy Standard, by Mickey Rossi(subflux.com). It contains both regular and swash A-z glyphs, but no more than that, and the swash variants are in non-standard locations.

- Herb