Font needed for Neon Clock face

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This is probably a custom font/lettering of the clock manufacturer.
You could try to use a similar font like 3x5 by K-Type (free for personal use).
If you make it a bit bold (to hide the intermediate lines) and modify |1| & |2| I think it will be close enough.

I found it using Find my Font -

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Thank you! Your info gave me the closest match to the original. I have been getting font-mares trying to find the right font.

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How about this:

I first tried Bank Gothic (and variants) but the 6 was very different.

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I'd like to add to these suggestions Stratum, Register (reworking some finials and crossbars), Bourgeois, Route 66 (probably the closest I have, /4 has even the left cut), Mandatory

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You guys are awsome! I appreciate all the help making a new clock face an accurate representation of the original.

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