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Southern Ground Script Type ID

I'm trying to figure out what typeface this was created from. The designer that originally created it no longer works with the company, so I am on the hunt!



Can be wrong but looks totally handwritten to me, meaning not-a-font.

Whether it is a font(s) or hand lettered the S is different from the rest of the word!

Could very well be! The 'S' sticks out to me from the rest as too perfect to be handwritten, which is why I'm hoping that it could be a typeface. I also think the kerning might not have been manually adjusted, which led to the overlapping of some of the characters the way they sit now.

But I agree it definitely has a hand-written feel. Hopefully someone has seen it somewhere before!

Ah! Typerror responded while I was typing haha!
I agree that the S is very different.

Petra Beisse/PetrasScriptEF

Winner!!! Definitely looks manipulated past that... but I think that was the starting point.

I figured out that the S is Ministry Script by Sudtipos.

Thanks for the help guys! You rule.