Alphabet-Glyph "Cursive Script"


I have a conscript (constructed script) I have been working on for over a decade. Recently been trying to build a "vector generation" system. The best I can come up with so far is a "symbol per word font generator".. basically every word has to be entered (one glyph for sit, one for sat, one for sitting)

I have exhausted most avenues, and the best idea, besides a "per-word-font" is a custom generation system, but this is a huge project. is there any typography software, or anything at all, that could help "jump start me" or even do this. I have search extensively and found nothing.

Here are a couple example of how it works, i realize the flexibility is way beyond standard font software. but is there maybe something that could work, even if it doesn't use the full abilities of Dscript, and half way there would be good enough at this point.

or is there something opensource that might be a good starting point to build such a system?

more example and explanation

Here is an example of what the "per word font" system generates now

full size pic

The other option is to restrict the "flexibility" out and revert back to a "single straight string" like it was back in the beginning of the scripts evolution, (like the free online Dscript generator) Here is an example of what it generates.

But I really want to find something that will allow for more flexible connection and 2d placement. any suggestions?

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