Open Type Problem: Font is Cut-off?!

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I'd like to have a little help on the following problem, thanks a lot!

1.) After exporting as OpenType Ps from Fontlab 5.1.2 (mac), my font looks/works great in Indesign and Illutrator. No problem. All kerning info is okay. But on the same computer (mac osx 10.6.8) in Word: no kerning info(!) AND the characters are cut-off on the upper part. (images below)

2.) On a Windows computer there's a similar problem:
(in Word) No kerning info and the characters are also cut-off. This time they're not cut off on the upper part but exactly on the Baseline.

3.) In the Windows-typespecimen some characters (for example the A) is cut-off on the left side. I guess that has something to do with the fact that the A crossed the line in the glyph window. I there any way to retain all the character-info on the left side of the line?

4.) In the fontbook and Mac typespecimen there's no problem at all.

(I already did update the Kern-feature in the Kerning Assistance window.)

I really don't know how to solve this problem, is there anyone with some advice?

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This may be a dumb question, but what's your Ascender value? As I read it, the sum of your Cap Height and Descender values exceeds 1,000...

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Check this page out -- the Font Metrics instructions.

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Thanks a lot guys, the Font Metrics Instructions in the pdf-file really helped me out with the cut-off problem.

Do you also know why my Kerning-Info does work in illustrator (cs5 on mac) but doesn't work in Word (mac & windows).

Like to hear from you,

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Kerning in Word, by default, is switched off.

Go to Format - Font - Advanced to switch it on.

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@ Octopi

Thanks a lot!! A bit of a noob question, the last one about Word (sorry), but you helped me out!

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