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Drop Shadow Recommendations

I'm looking for a font that has a drop shadow that's not directly connected to the letter. I've attached an image for example. The font attached is Prismatic, but unfortunately it's out of my price range.

Any suggestions are helpful. Thanks!


Have a look at the Conqueror typefaces. They are designed by a professional and are free to download. You will have to fill in a form to get the download link, though. Also, the license is rather confusing, so be careful of how you use the fonts.

My suggestion would be to do a Search on Myfonts for 'prismatic' You'll get lots of hits many of which are multi-part fonts. Nick Curtis offers a couple that are truly inexpensive.

An earlier conversation on the Conquerer typefaces EULA:


I think it came down to it being free for commercial use but you can't embed it (so no web font usage).

Somehow I don't think that the Conqueror family is what Elias has in mind. But what IS desired isn't particularly clear either.

Wha general style are you looking for - there are display fonts like Boink Drop Shadow, Old Style wood types, simpler fonts like this, and many more.

- Herb

Thanks everybody for the replies. I'm attaching an in progress version of what I'm working on.

In the example I have something very western looking, but the weight of the 'W' is off compared to the other characters (too light at the bottom), and so I'm looking for something else. I've tried manually creating the effect on several fonts I already have, and it just hasn't been working out. I've also been through dozens of western fonts to no avail, so I've decided to open it up beyond that.

The way Boink Drop Shadow and Cameo Antique utilize the drop shadow is what I have in mind technique-wise but the characters aren't the right fit style-wise.

I'm looking for something that will fit the style of the illustration, so I was thinking something that is bold, uniform, and somewhat lighthearted. It could be something really stylized like what I have in the example, or something more neutral like Prismatic, just as long as it fits with the illustration.