Typophiles’ Favorite Monochrome Laser Printer(s)

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I’m doing research on my next purchase: a monochrome laser printer to replace my HP 5000n – an old machine that produced beautiful pages. It’s been a long time since I’ve shopped for printers and I’m wondering what typophiles prefer these days for the highest-quality monochrome printer for typography and (secondarily) image quality. Thanks for any feedback.

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I came across your post while perusing my daily printing blogs and wanted to recommend one of OKI Data's monochrome multifunction printers. The MB401 Series has received a lot of awards since it's launch in June 2012 (I bought mine in August). The image quality is excellent, it's an all in one printer, and perfect for all my printing needs.

Here's the link to the Series page- there are a few different mono MFPs (http://www.okidata.com/mkt/html/nf/MFP.php?sku=MB401Series). I have the MB471w because of it's wireless printing capabilities!

www.okidata.com. Definitely recommended! Hope this is helpful.

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^ That's spam, right?

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Sorry if that came across as spam, but it's not! I'm not a robot :)

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Sort of disappointing - a really smart robot is something to admire. :-)

Patrick, I'm out of touch with current models, but do make sure you get at least 1200dpi and true PS support.


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Maria, I'm a little curious as to why www.okidata.com is listed as your homepage in your (just-created-this-morning) profile? Is it because you work there?

On the other hand, the original poster is soliciting printer suggestions. Maybe this is what he asked for.

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> Sorry if that came across as spam, but it's not!

Well it may have not been an automated post, but the profile on your brand new account lists okidata.com as your home page so it clearly appears to be an advertisement.

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That answer may haven been spam, but I, for one, still fondly remember my first PostScript Laserprinter, an Oki. In 1989 it was around 9000 USD (knock off price, because it was a demo model), and the LED-tech made for razorsharp prints, far better than Canon and Apple had then.
In other words: you can do worse than Oki… : )

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