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Is all hope lost? Serif font with flourishes

I am beginning to think I will never find the name of this font. I am losing sleep over it:( Can someone help me sleep again:) I have done further investigating and I do believe it is also the font used for the logo for Click magazine for photographers.


Since the "t" is most probably modified, many of the other glyphs might also be modified... which would mean finding the source font won't get you all the way there. But if finding the source font would still be useful, focus on the caps, since they seem unmodified; the "E" in particular should narrow things down nicely.


Aire using some alternates available through open type features.

Ah, I stand corrected! A nicely deployed alt "t" it is.


Maximiliano Sproviero designed Aire and like his previous font Reina Pro, it has an amazing number of beautiful alternates.