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is there a special name for such style?


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Hello guys
Very Happy New Year :)

Tell me please, is there any special name for such typography style? Is there a typeface that looks like that, or all these are
hand made ?

Also, there is one more style i'm curious about. Often appear along the above style. Like an edge of the top typeface, slightly offset. I have seen it many times, but now that I want to find out more, can't seem to find sample.
Also, I'm sorry, my limited English vocabulary making it hard to express. That's best I could find for now.

Thank you for taking the time to read, and once again, you have a very good and happy new year :)



A common name for the style of No. 350 is simply “Shaded”; for Sommelier, "Shadow.” Both styles saw extensive use during the latter half of the nineteenth century.

Base font could be: CastCraft Software/OPTICeasar-Light.otf with shadow and woodgrain applied.

Thank you so very much guy, for taking the time to entertain my post.

I understand it's easy to write that down, but I do mean it. Appreciate your kindness and time to share your
Thank you.


Another possibility for "SOMMELIER" is Coliseum, probably easier to purchase.