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pondering branding, understanding fonts


I've just begun to work on a music project and some other artistic endeavors. Nothing I expect to make a billion dollars off of, but, I think it's going well. Some people probe me to consider fonts, colors, visuals, etc. Im not sold on the idea, but it has its purpose I suppose. I started looking into this and came across a few that I like.

Does anyone have any insight as to what the attached fonts may be?


it has its purpose I suppose.

Definitely. In fact enough purpose to hire a trained/experienced person to help you.

I'm sure you'll get IDs on those fonts, but -especially since they're so different- it's important to focus on what message the typography (which BTW is only part of the puzzle) should convey (as opposed to simply choosing a font you personally like).



I completely understand what you're saying. Which is why I thought it beneficial to perhaps get some idea of what class/family these fonts that caught my eye belonged to as a means to study how they're typically used and further investigate why I like them.

Then, if I decide to care about a format, I can bring more than vague indesicion to a trained professional.

Perhaps my initial message was a bit too thorough. in the future should I just say "help me with this font pleaseeee!!" ? I see that seems to work....

Cazal and Audrey Hepburn both appear to be hand-lettered...

Font IDs are not nearly as interesting as font problems, so please do be thorough! And most of all please don't resort to teenspeak. :-)

Your first example is just handwriting; there's at least 3 billion fonts like that. The second one I'm not sure how to categorize, but I can tell you that House Industries is crawling with stuff like that. As for your third one, you might try "Art Deco" as a search term on MyFonts.


House Industries.I see.

"Audrey Hepburn" must be http://Miss Lankfort by Alejandro Paul, Charles P Bluemlein (Sudtipos, 2004)

I found it using Find my Font - http://www.findmyfont.com

I think you're right about "Audrey Hepburn". Thank you for that one , I really appreciate it.