Need Help, Create/Design 3 Letters for Tattoo.

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My girlfriend is looking for a tattoo for a long time.
Now she wanted to have the words "Ibu" on her wrist.
Ibu means Mom, she wants to do this because her mom past a way 2 months ago.

Now, She wants some curly letters, But not TO curly.
We are having a problem with the letter i in capital so I. We think this just looks to much as an J.
Now my question is if someone can help me, or making the letters, or to check out some fonts etc.

Example we had in mind, we just don't like the I


I hope we can get some reactions,


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Maybe look for a style called "upright Italic".


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Looking a bit more curly! thanks for posting tho!

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Head over to and search Formal Flowing Scripts, type Ibu in the sample text box. Or, check out the many examples on Mike's Bowfin Printworks site ...

Hope that helps.


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