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ID help please


Can someone help IDing both fonts in this logo, I feel like the first is on the tip of my tongue but still need help.



Juraj Chrastina/Ambassador

Scholtz Fonts-Anton Scholtz/GenialBlackRegular

awesome thanks!

CODE Light much much close

Is there a free font that is close to Genial?


Did you see that you can buy individual fonts from the Genial family for $17?

Please do not ask for or suggest free alternatives.


Oh yes, I didn't notice I could buy them individually at first. Thanks that solves the problem

Good to hear, Erum.

Hrant - You seem to increasingly be trying to dictate the rules of this forum.

In this case, you just might be missing the very legitimate, "I can't afford it" factor. Erum didn't ask for a freebie ripoff of Genial. He asked for a free alternative (and was, it seems, happy to pay for a cheaper option [than $77 for the whole family] on the original).

I hate ripoff clones of commercial fonts as much as you, but sometimes very cheap or free alternatives are the only option for posters. What is suggested to them as a poor substitute may be a crappy font, but their crappy font budget may be able to afford nothing better and, so, your 'hranting" against affording them options is truly misguided.

Moreover, I don't think that your stance of, "Please do not ask for or suggest free alternatives" is an official Typophile policy but, rather, a personal agenda.

Lastly, your dislike of revivals because it's hard to determine legitimacy is not the poster's problem - it's yours. Those of us who recognize a typeface as originally an old metal or wood creation understand that anyone is free to create a digital version -no matter the quality. Again, your inability to do so should not be the poster's problem.

I don't think that your stance of, "Please do not ask for or suggest free alternatives" is an official Typophile policy but, rather, a personal agenda.

Please look up what "dictate" means. And look up "please" while you're at it. Please.

I've been a Typophile member since week 2, and remain one of its most dedicated users. But I've never had any formal authority (probably mostly because I've never wanted it) and have very rarely asked the moderators for anything (and never BTW for the removal of a member). Maybe my tone threw you off; on the Internet (and these days apparently most of the US as well) it seems only official moderators are supposed to (in fact have to) express themselves in measured terms - everybody else is expected to engage in trench warfare...

My agenda is no secret, and is nothing nefarious - quite the contrary: I want to support typeface design, and I want Typophile to be healthy. Nasty stuff, eh? To me what's nasty is the increase in catering to users who hurt the craft, helping them ID fonts only to steal them, helping them find free clones, etc.

Can't afford it? I do feel I'm sensitive to that* but there are limits, especially when it comes to choosing "just the right font", which is essentially a luxury, not a need. That said, I certainly agree that settling for buying a bad font is much better than pirating a good one. You should note that I wrote my post above at a point where it seemed probable that Erum simply didn't want pay anything. I'm glad that doesn't seem to be the case - thank you, Erum.

* As I've said elsewhere I feel even outright property theft can sometimes be justified.

BTW this recent thread is pretty revealing all-around I think:

your dislike of revivals

Please bring that up in the pertinent thread and I will gladly address it - I don't want to distract from the helpful conversation happening here.

As for what's whose problem: this is a community - your problems are my problems (just milder). People who don't like community responsibilities can go live in the forest.


You know what else pisses me off? There are people here -including stalkers who dislike Typophile partly because there's a decreasing respect for type and its design- who I know agree with me on this (because I've seen them say similar things in the distant past) but don't go to trouble of confronting the problem. That sort of apathy I consider a character weakness.


As someone who put a lot of free fonts out there in Ye Olden Days, I get a lot of inquiries about acceptable usage. In most cases, I try to steer such folks toward New and Improved (really) versions that actually cost money (although rarely more than $10), but don’t make it obligatory.

Bottom line: you gotta eat, and freeloaders don't contribute a single crumb…