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My other 'new' blog is Generative Arabic Letterism

I came up with a new concoction which is a cross between Arabic Letterism and Generative Art.

Arabic Letterism has been around in the Arab countries for more than three decades now. The works of one its most notable artist, Nja Mahdaoui, have inspired me very much when I saw them, and one of my first abstract art works in 1984 was a Letterism piece in which I tried to copy Mahdaoui's style.

Now, after many years of computer programming, computer coding runs hot in my blood. I therefore thought of experimenting in applying Generative Art technology to Arabic Letterism. This was also an opportunity for me to try the programming extension that comes with the Adobe Creative Suite. Using Illustrator CS5, JavaScript, and color schemes downloaded from Kuler, I happily present to you what I have called “Generative Arabic Letterism”.

The blog that explains more (in English this time) could be accessed from here.


Great stuff!


Hi hrant,

I am really sorry that I could not come back earlier. It was just after that I launched that article my house in Amman, Jordan got flooded and I lost my car. I started a separate project hoping to generate some extra cash to compensate for the early year damages. Still not there yet.

I am happy that you liked Generative Arabic Lettersim. Do let me know if you are still interested in knowing more about it.



Typophiles, hello.

Could someone tell me why I cannot add more articles to this blog?


Submarine sandwiches ...I'm hungry.


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