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"Shket" looking for testers

Hello there,

I have finished the basic design of Shket and I'm looking for testers and critique. I'm specially interested in checking glyphs and diacritics for not so common (for me at least) languages as Swedish, Norwegian and so on. The font currently has 406 glyphs including cyrillic alphabet.


Download link: http://www.sendspace.com/file/5gdess


I see that all of the font's descenders get cut off, at least in Windows Font Viewer and MS Word.

As an aside, I'd suggest you moving this from the blog section to the critique forum, which tends to be much more interactive.

- Herb

Hello HVB,

Haven't tested in Windows environment yet, thanks for your report! I guess it's a hinting related problem?

Not hinting at all. It has to do with the metric data, and ascenders and descenders. I'm guessing that you've only tested it with Adobe products. I see that the Win Descent entry is zero. Fixing that (or letting FontLab set the metrics automatically) solved that problem here.

This site has an excellent article (in pdf form) about setting metrics:

Again, blogs are rarely used here (look at the posting dates) and don't show up easily in Typophile's pages - most people go straight to the Forums. If you move (or copy) this topic to the Critique forum, you'll get much more and better responses. I just happened to find your original post because I was aimlessly browsing; and found your response only because it showed up under "My posts" because I had posted to this topic.

- Herb

That is what I thought HVB. I have read about hinting in the FL manual, but the truth is I haven't done any hinting yet. I'm on a Mac environment and yes, only tested with Adobe products.

As I'm in an very early stage of the font development (working version 0.15) I'm currently more interested in metrics, overall typefaces design, diacritics, punctuation marks and so on. I guess hinting and the more complex stuff can wait while I have not finished the font "basics".

There is a topic about this font in the Critique forum http://typophile.com/node/99329
Nobody has written in there yet though... I guess the typeface is too "boring and simple" to be worth discussing (


For more feedback you should post this on one of the Critique boards.