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Knockout-like mystery font

I've seen Kellerhouse Inc. use this font repeatedly.

The 'G' and 'M' are of interest to me as they have a unique styling.

The 'R' looks like Knockout's rarely used alternate character.


Sorry don't know this typeface but, as most of time for Kellerhouse Inc., it could be a custom job.
Here is now a list of base fonts to base the customization on: Proteina (/M off and needs to add a leg to /G), CA Geheimagent (same job as Proteina but globally a bit more off), Raleigh Gothic (too much condensed), Komu A, Olifant

Thanks for your help!

I too thought about this being some kind of custom deal.

I imagine that it's probably not a handset but that's always a possibility.

The fonts that you recommended are strikingly similar, thanks so much for those!

I know the name of the guy that designed these posters at Kellerhouse, I might work up the nerve to ask him.

That's probably your best chance. And if you finally get an answer, please drop some lines here.
Note also that, on the Gomorrah poster, "A FILM BY MATTEO GARRONE" looks set with the same typeface but less condensed. That could give credit to a 2-styled bespoke typeface: "Normal" and Condensed (with a bit of customization on /G for big titles)

I ended up asking the staff designer that did these posters about the typeface.

It turns out that it's taken from a book called ABZ: Alphabets and Other Signs that displays mostly oddball typography.

The designer said that there is no existing vector or digital version of the font.

Below is from what I'm assuming the above typeface is based on, it's from page 148 of ABZ.

Looking further and now knowing that this italic is soviet Czech, I think that it and Komu A have a similar design origin.


I found this on page 103 of ABZ, the table of contents identifies it as being from a signwriter's handbook called Písmo a Jeho Konstrukce (transl. 'The Font and Its Construction'), by Richard Pípal, 1956.

Thank you very much for the feedback, really appreciate it! Fine, was not so far with my suggestions (and even if I prefer Proteina for this sample).
2 more similars, all coming from Tomáš Brousil The Suitcase Foundry, type Designer from... Czech Republic: Vafle, Atrament, Purista and Magion

EDIT: one more Solano Gothic