Idea: Fonts for good

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Bare in mind that this is just an idea, nothing solid at all. Please do tell me if I'm naive, I have the tendency to be.

Inspired by 'Font Aid' (designers submit designs of glyphs for free, a font is made, profit goes to specific charity I've started thinking that perhaps the typedesign community is capable of even more.

1. A new foundry, perhaps named Fonts For Good, perhaps named differently, is founded.
2. Fontdesigners may submit designs.
3. Fontdesigners decide on the percentage of their profit on the font that will go to an (as of yet) undefined charity. This percentage may be freely picked, but will be mentioned in the fonts' description. (Perhaps a minimum should be set? Say, 25%, or something.)
4. At the end of the year, fontdesigners may select a number of charities, and buyers and designers (other people involved?) of the fonts may vote on which charity (or charities?) the money goes to.
5. Condition for every charity is that it is documented (written about, pictures made, or best of all, a (short) documentary is made) so that buyers and designers can see what has happened to the money.

Questions? Yes, certainly.

1. Anyone in?
2. Who's in charge?
3. Is this in any way realistic?
4. If it is, what are we waiting for?
5. Any chance the big distributors are willing to cooperate. Hi there, Myfonts, Fontshop, Fontspring, etc.

Again, just an idea. Might be naive. Or foolish. Or whatever.

Cheers! jasper

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I think the only problem resides in the fact that, generally speaking, people prefer to choose to whom they make donations, so it could be difficult to coordinate such an idea, unless there is an unifying theme.

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I do hope this [sort of thing] works. But I'm not sure how.


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The domain seem to have expired. :-(

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Ahh, yes it seems they no longer exist, sadly. Perhaps a sign that it just doesn't work. Too bad.

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