Modern Sans Serif - ID Please

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hey. this one has certain aksidenz qualities and other like Avenir etc but this is something a bit rarer i think... can anybody help??

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I can't find anything, but a perspective-corrected image may help:

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Fivos, I appreciate your perspective-correction posts in various threads. Please tell me how you do that. Thanks.

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Hi Steve,
you can do a perspective correction in Photoshop, but it's a bit complex as it usually involves more than one steps - depending on the image:
I usually perform an Arbitrary Rotate (to horizontalize the baseline) and then select the text area and do one or more Edit->Tranform->Perspective or Edit->Tranform->Skew operations.

The complexity -and the inaccuracy- of the above operations led me to design a new tool for our font identification software (Find my Font v3.1) which allow you to select an image area and perform any or all of the following operations as a single task:
=> Deformation/Perspective correction
=> Image enlargement
=> Image mirroring
=> Contrast correction
=> Expand/Shrink Text width

You can find more details and an image example of how it works in the following Typophile thread:

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