What are the better places where study typography?

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What are the better places where study typographic design?

Please, I want to know your opinion...


Ramiro Espinoza.

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May I add to this? What about post-graduate work in typography? Aside from Reading, any comments?

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For France, the complete list of typographic schools is in Mr Porchez website: http://www.porcheztypo.com/Gazette/PTFTypoFrance2000.html


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CalArts does not teach type design - maybe you could call it lettering. Maybe.


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Hi Ramiro,

If you have the resources and opportunity, definitely check out the Koninklijke Academie van Beeldende Kunstern (Royal Academy of Visual[or Fine?] Arts) in the Hague, the Netherlands. The URL is


This is the #1 place I wish I had the time, resources and qualifications to study at. Reading and Leipzig are tied for second, though if I found a place in Austria or Switzerland, they might take over second.

Otherwise, I don't think there are any accredited full-time type design programs inside the U.S., but I would be truly delighted to be proven wrong.

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What's about France?
And The Netherlands?

Don't they have good academies?

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try the kunstgewerbeschule in basel.

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I think that the better place to study typography is where are the typographers that rules..., like Barry Deck in Calarts, anyone knows if any of the houseind team are offering classes somewere??

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