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FP Head Pro - similar font

Hi, im looking for a free font similar to FP Head Pro for an advert I'm creating centered around karaoke. A font similar to this or pertaining to karaoke would be appreciated. Thanks


My selection: Russo One, Play, Changa One, Exo
A tip now. An easy way to find free alternatives to a font is to use WhatFontiS, starting with the commercial font sample of your choice and limit results to "display only free fonts or free alternative fonts".

Ah, thanks for your help!

Ryuk, you might simply want to be helpful, and quite often you indeed are, but I'm sorry to say that by suggesting such free alternatives you're damaging the craft of type design as well as Typophile.

To me these types of requests should go ignored, preferably discouraged here.

Also, if WhatFontiS is in fact too easy to co-opt into bypassing quality commercial fonts I might suggest that it be censored here (or at very least direct links should be removed).

I'm no policeman - I'm simply defending things I value.