What is this for a font?

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Hello Community,

i've got a big problem. This: there is a logo of a company i'm working for. The logo includes a little bit of text. Now i/we need to edit this logo, but i don't know the name of the font. Nobody in this company knows, cause the old designer is not very cooperative and dosn't want to help anything. So nobody knows this font. Maybe you can give me an hint, what it can be. I attached the logo to this post. If it dosn't work, you can see the logo at the head-area on http://www.missingscout.com.

I would be so happy, if u can help me.

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Typophile has a Font ID forum.
Have you tried What the Font?

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BTW why is the old designer uncooperative?


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Prolly doesn’t want his/her design f*cked up by the client’s in-house talent :-)

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Thank you Nick. No i did not. I will look, if i can find this section and ask there. I don't understand your second post... Maby my english is too bad. Can't identify the word "Prolly".

@hrant - i don't know the story. He lost his job, i think ;-)

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Can't identify the word "Prolly"

Shortening of "probably". Probably...


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Thank you Karl.

By the way: at the Font ID forum, there was found my font. It's "Colaborate".

Thank you all so much!

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