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Barceloneta Bikes script

Hi! Can anyone help me identify this one? It looks so very familiar, but I can't put a name on it (it isn't Bello). The sample isn't great, but if you can see the rest of the typefaces, I wouldn't mind having them identified too. Thanks!


Ballpark Weiner is almost certainly an illegal clone of Falkner Pro, so please do not recommend or use it. In fact Mickey Rossi seems to be a chronic design thief* so better not to recommend or use anything by him.

* http://typophile.com/node/91759


Hrant, again, check first.
Ballpark Weiner - 2005
Falkner Pro - 2011

And Ballpark Weiner was digitized very poorly. I don’t recommend it.

BTW, don’t forget Kestrel Script. Probably it’s original.

hhp: "Ballpark Weiner is almost certainly an illegal clone of Falkner Pro"...

Certainly NOT. Of Ballpark Weiner and Falkner Pro, the most recent is Falkner Pro.

Ralph Unger says that Falkner pro is based on Alan Meeks' Kestrel, and has a release date of 2011. Ballpark Weiner was around before 2005 that I know of. Mickey Rossi said that he used an original Letraset rub-on sheet (or maybe a catalog) to work from.

In fact, your reference to Rossi's "Satans Minions" (pre 2005) and Nick Curtis' "Shiver Me Timbers" (Version 1, 2006) fails the same antedating test. These two fonts are completely different.

- Herb

I guess the one on which Ballpark Weiner and Falkner Pro were based is just a pre-digital version of Kestrel. So Kestrel is original. I think Ballpark Weiner and Falkner Pro are knock-offs.

Still, of the digital versions Ballpark Weiner came first.
I agree with Akira that it isn’t crafted very well, though.

Apologies - I stand corrected. I was still upset at this:

However I'm not so sure about Satans Minions, since MyFonts dates aren't always reliable. Also, saying they're completely different is certainly very peculiar.

BUT: Please don't recommend an inferior free font nonetheless.


I don’t recommend. I just offer choices.
Let’s see what Katju’s pick is going to be.


And I told you guys this whole revival business stinks - it's hard to keep track of who's leeching off who.


If the revival business stinks 90 % of the type business stinks.

Well, remember, 90% of anything stinks.


Happy to see it identified, and I enjoyed reading the rest of the comments too.

I seem to see some tiny differences in the bottom stroke of the /x/, which makes me think the original is set in Kestrel. Yet, all the id's were to the point, thank you all!