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I have this graphic that has vectorized text that I cannot identify. I have spent two days searching and haven't even come close. I would greatly appreciate any help you could provide.

Thank you.



It appears to be hand-lettered, the 2 /e's are different.

I'm assuming someone fiddled with it a bit after it was converted from a font to art-vectors. All the curve points are in the same place in both 'e's, but it appears that someone moved some of the control handles a bit on one or both of them.

Really, anything close would be great. I've seen something much like this somewhere, I keep remembering a poster or ad or something that was very popular that had it but can't quite place what it was. It's too cool, very "old French something". Really like the feel of it.

Here's to continued hope…

Can't even say they could be considered as very loosely similars but here we go: Rice Cracker, One Thing (have a look to the rest of Kimberly Geswein's fonts, there may be some interesting alternatives, even "less worst"), Peanut Salted

I will give these all a look. Thank you for your suggestions and I very much appreciate your time.