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Wordmark critique

This is my first post to these forums although I have read with great interest here for a while.

I am currently working on a wordmark project for a faculty within a university. They have used a logo previously, but have decided to get rid of the logo as it was cumbersome to incorporate two logos (the university’s logo is required and standardized across campus) all the time. The budget does not allow for a custom font.

There are two distinct target audiences: students and “money” people (primarily faculty and donors).

I am by no means a highly experienced typographer, so I would love to get some feedback with regards to what we have so far. The powers that be seem pleased with it, but I would rather be nit-picky amd ask the experts now rather than once it’s too late. Thanks muchly!

P.S. I was asked to “disguise” the school’s name.

wrodmark draft

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Kerning will improve the colour especially the RAD and UAT. The alignment of the Ss with DUATE is a bit mechanical and will look better if you align them by eye. ABC FACULTY OF is very light, because of the tracking rather than the tint, and may also be aligned optically with the G