Help me find an awesome M?

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I’m searching for a big, wild, confident M that conveys a sense of movement. Inspiration for a quickie logo I’m going to make for a techno project (dance music). Nothing too painterly, graffiti or cutesy. I’m currently raiding Fontsruct but would love any suggestions from you guys!

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If you don't find just the right thing you can have it made custom (or customize something that's close). For one letter it wouldn't be too costly (especially if it's for a modification) and you would have something nobody else does. Many people here can do a great job for you on that, including yours truly: hpapazian at gmail dot com


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That is such an easy letter to work with ... why not have a go with it yourself?


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Oh! Thanks for the M's Nick. And yeah 5star, it may turn out to be something I just render myself, but I thought hey maybe some typophiles would have some good suggestions.

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