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Retro 3D font?

Hi guys,

Does anyone know which font this is? Maybe you know any fonts that look smilar?




Should be a custom job by Chronique (scroll down to find this lettering), most probably based on Turnpike Display with an additional post-treatment.

Thanks. I already found out. The font is called Turnpike Bevel.

Chronique looks just like a blog. The logo was made by Kate Moross.

Yep, Chronique is my blog! Thanks for following on Tumblr! :)

So you were actually in need of fonts with a similar treatment right?

I found the font I wanted by googling "Roses Gabor font", but I'm interested in similar fonts too :)

Similar in what way? Beveled effect? 3-D effect? G's without spurs?
Sorry, but when someone asks for 'something similar' I never know what they mean.

- Herb