IBC (International Building Code) signage font regulations/restrictions.

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I was wondering if anybody knew of any IBC restrictions on certain fonts. It's pretty specific on height minimums but I cant determine whether or not you can use lowercase letters and if there is a font list or description of unacceptable characters, weights etc. ADA signage literature is pretty specific in all of these areas. Dont want to break any IBC code on a current project.
Any info/thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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Thanks for the reply oldnick. I couldn't get that url to load. Is it missing something?

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I am not 100% clear if this is exactly what you are looking for (depending on your browser this will attempt to trigger a direct download of the PDF):


It certainly does not provide all of the additional information you need, but it does specify:

ANSI 703.2.2 Case. Characters shall be
uppercase, lowercase, or a combination of

Otherwise all instances of font references appear to be specific to characteristics of uppercase letters.

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