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Islamic TV station: Please Critique!

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Islamic TV station: Please Critique!

Hello there. I know I already posted this in the "Logos / Corporate ID Design" section, but I will delete whichever gets feedback first because I thought it qualified for both. Ok, so this is a new logo for an Islamic TV station. The name in English is Qubaa (which is a reference to the first mosque built in Islam). After going through a number of different iterations, the client chose a Kufic script (like the one in the first image), which I fine-tuned into what became the fourth image. The client requested that I transform the first letter, the "qaf", into the Dome of the Rock, the Medinah mosque dome, as well as the Kaaba (in Makkah) respectively. The reason for this is because these three sites are the holiest in Islam. I abstracted them and added them instead of the first letter, but kept the two dots of the letter qaf above each symbol to retain a certain degree of legibility. I also changed the "alef" letter in the logo because it kind of looks like the mi'thanah (the tall structure you usually find in mosques). The point of these three versions, according to the client, is to have the logo change every 10-15 seconds when on-air. As far as Latin typography is concerned, I decided to go with H&FJ's Verlag (different treatments are in image 6).