Shape shifts when printing to PDF in FL

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Has somebody encountered problems when printing to PDF from FL? I'm trying to generate font samples, but the glyphs are distorted!

Take a look at the screen capture. There are some strokes noticeable darker than others... strangely, when printing to PDF from InDesign everything seems to be OK.

What the problem could be?

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When you are printing direct from inside FL, you are printing are raw outlines, not a font per se. When you generate a font, install it and create a document in InDesign, you get the outlines as handled by the font layout engine and, most likely, with hinting applied.

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Oh, I see... so what's the point in the first place of being able to generate different kind of printings in FL if you are not going to get an accurate representation of your font? That sounds very strange to me...

Anyways, I can always install the font into my system and print from InDesign, but I will lose the nice layouts of FL ( Is there such a thing as ID templates for font test sheets?

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