Ehrhardt subtype with readable italics

In the book "Quantum Information and Quantum Computation" by Nielsen and Chuang, they use a font which is undoubtedly Erhardt (judging by the regular text), but the italic text seems to be somewhat different from the examples available at major foundry sites. See "ehrhardt-nielsen.png" and "ehrhardt-monotype.png" attached which contain the example from the book, and the same text set with Monotype Ehrhardt. The book variant is less stretched and, in my opinion, is significantly more readable in long italic paragraphs. Does anyone know what subtype is this?

Parts of the book are available http://on Google Books (not in particularly good quality though), if you need larger samples of text.


It looks like http://Imprint (Italic) available from both URW++ and Monotype

I found it using Find my Font -

Thank you, this seems to be the case. I was assuming that they have used the same typeface for regular and italic text, and only ran the former through a font recognition service. The regular text is definitely not in Imprint — for example, judging by the shape of the letter Q.