Font for Poster with Watercolor

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I'm currently working on an event poster for a Fashion Show that will feature graphics that have an almost watercolor feel to them. However, I'm having trouble finding a font that's really a perfect feel to accompany it.

The image is very soft, floral and spring, but I do want a more modern feeling font to counterbalance this and ensure the poster doesn't run too old.

Does anyone have any ideas about fonts that would interact well with watercolor images that aren't script?

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This might be a rare opportunity to properly use this truly amazing design:

You could use one of the funkier styles
for display, and a more reserved one
for any medium-length text.


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Wow, Hrant—no kidding. What a great fit…

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Naturalia Font, with handicraft expressiveness.

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How about using photoshop techniques to create a water-color effect? That way you would have total control over how much of an effect is obtained. Or there are many brush-stroke fonts available. One of my favorites is a no-longer used proprietary font by NCL, named NCL Freestyle.
- Herb

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The Photoshop technique that HVB mentioned is worth a try. I used it years ago on a poster for a watercolor exhibit. Google "photoshop watercolor type" or similar phrases for tutorials.

I'd only use it on large headline type, though, and only if the head was on a plain background.

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