Foil on "The Incredibles" DVD slipcase

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Foil on "The Incredibles" DVD slipcase

Slightly off-topic, but I’m sure someone has encountered this sort of production effect…

Does anybody know how I could accomplish a similar foil treatment as found on the slipcase of “The Incredibles” DVD? It’s a fabulous, almost holographic, red, which might be a match color overprinted over a different color foil. Any suggestions on manufacturers’ websites or similar items?

Thanks in advance.

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See ‘Replicating a DVD’ section here

Not sure if it’s the same process, but two vendors are listed “Proma Technologies” and “Seneca Printing” — might point you in the right direction.

Searching for “holographic foil DVD packaging” seems to result in plenty of hits.


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Just finished a foil job like this. There are lots of foil products that can me bonded to different media. The inks will shift a bit on the foil. I set the job up with a double bump opaque white under all process inks and left those inks that went directly onto the foil as PMS inks so they could be custom mixes.

The seps on a job like this can be difficult.