Alte Haas Grotesk alternatives / Trying to find its author

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Looking for an alternative to Alte Haas Grotesk. More specifically, I'd like to find a subtly rounded variation of Helvetica that also has a webfont license.


AHG is a great looking font if you don't look at the actual curves, which look as if they were auto-vectorized from a scanned image. This unfortunately translates into outline artifacts when rasterized in the browsers, most notably the lowercase o -

I was thinking of actually of opening up the TTF and fixing the outlines, but I can't seem to find any way to contact the author, who is listed as "yann le coroller". There's a website mentioned in the TTFs, but it is missing in action. Does anyone know this person? Or perhaps, Yann, are on this forum by any chance?

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did you try the website ?

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I saw the website, but I am not sure if it's the same person as his expertise field is different. Though AHG might've been an one-off project.

(edit) Emailed him, let's see how it goes.

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And, so I got carte blanche from Yann :-)

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Still looking for a slightly rounded relative of Helvetica. Any pointers or ideas will be much appreciated.

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