Font in Newspaper

what font is used for «Sinto-me sexy porque sou feliz»


Tanks alot

do you know if I can download it on the internet for free?

Martin, since Typophile is a watering hole for people who make type, it's not correct to ask for pirated fonts here. Actually it's not really correct anywhere...

And it would be nice if you could manage to develop more respect for a what a good font can do for you - enough respect that you give up other things so you can afford to pay for them.


I'm sorry. I don't usually download stuff for free on the internet, because of the risks involved. I also don't buy other things I don't need. But you have to recognize that paying for everything is also quit hard, especially if you don't have the money. I, for example, listen to allot of music, and I respect all composers and singers who make me enjoy every day. I listen to several local radio stations, because they usually like to reveal new talents who dream of becoming popular, and I buy the CDs with my favourite songs. Only then do I put them on my mp3. But I can't pay 1€ sth for thousands of tunes, so I select them like this: I pay for the artists who are unknown and I make free downloads of those which are famous, for they definitely have enough money to have a normal life. I don't know if you agree with me, but I hope you are able to understand my point of view. Again, I apologize for my message, I recognize that it was very incorrect.