WIRED Magazine - Jan 2013 Cover

I've done a search in the forums for typefaces used on WIRED magazine. From searching, I've concluded that the masthead is a custom typeface by Hoefler & Frere-Jones. (Correct me if I'm wrong please.) However, it seems WIRED changes their cover typefaces every issue.

I think that this issue has used two different typefaces for the Jan. 2013 cover - a serif and san-serif. I've used identifont.com and whatthefont.com and haven't had any luck. Hoping someone has an idea.



Should be Calibre for the sans.

Technically, the magazine title, "WIRED" isn't called the masthead, but the nameplate. The masthead is the list of owners, staff, departments, addressed, etc. found on the inside. However, the term 'masthead' has been misused often enough that some dictionaries now include that title page definition.
- Herb

Thanks Herb for pointing that out! I was a little unclear, I'll be sure to use the proper term from now.

Thank you Jan, Thank you Ryuk for your responses! It's a great help.

With a little more digging, I'm almost certain the san-serifs is Periódico by Emtype.

Confirmed for Calibre/Periódico.