(x) Turn of the Century Wood Type Design - tuscans {sean and bj}

Hey guys and gals,

Does anyone know of any digital versions of typefaces similiar to this. I’ve found a half dozen in old spec books and signage books and baseball logos and such but nothing in a font. I am absoultely sure its out there. Please forgive me, I don’t tink I’ve been too lazy on this one. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Wood Type
This image is actually a screen shot from a collage in one of THS’s Beast mag.


Zebrawood (best choice) Cottonwood, Pepperwood, Thunderbird

Great. Thanks. Could you tell me which foundries or URLs I could find some of those at.

Actaully this is mostly research for a new face I’m working on, inspired by some old baseball team logo’s.

The thing is that this example (the first posting) is probably the closest to the skeleton of the designs I’m working with. I want to make sure that I have put enough variation into the alphabet that I’ve developed.Here are some initial sketches:

Okay URW Wood Type ( http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/urw/wood-type/urw-wood-type-d/) is probably the closest I found. Sorry to take up precious message board space only to answer my own question. I will try to refrain from asking questions so early in my process next time.

Thanks for the help Sean Michael

I am trying to find a font called CoffeeTin for you.

If I can’t find it I will post a sample from home later.


the “Red Sox” tuscan…



you can do a search of the typophile database and learn more…

I wanted to post this because it seems a mix between your first post sample and you second. It is called “Coffe Tin-Initials”


Thanks, that’s really helpful. I appreciate it.