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[HELP] Can anyone find me this fonts name ?

Long time ago, i used printer LQ 1050,
but now its broken, and my company still want to user this font,
so, can anyone help me find out this font ??

I'm so glad if there's anyone who want to help me. :)

- First Font


- Second Font

Thanks A Lot Everyone. :D


a little online research hints that these are fonts available only through installation of your printer, and only seen by the printer. it may be that you have them on an installation disc or that they are hidden in your system somewhere. they seem to be named "Font11a" and the like. here's an article that shows some of this info.


note: this is simply a guess, based on the examples provided.

Yes, this is from an era* when -with few exceptions- fonts were only ever stored in the printer's firmware and all the computer sent to the printer was ASCII codes (plus some control codes). I remember however that some printers did allow you to download custom fonts to the printer - which is how my brother and I got Armenian (and Arabic) to print on our Star Micronics NX-1000, circa 1983! It might be possible to go the other way and get the fonts out of a/that LQ 1050, but of course they won't be bezier-curve fonts, so they can't really be re-used...

* Although for duplicate forms impact printers still matter...