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Antithesis film fund raising

I’d like to draw your attention to a film project I’m currently raising fund for. Its concept is loosely spun around the design concept for »Antithesis«, my master’s degree typeface from Type]Media in The Hague, 2011|

The project has developed into an interdisciplinary art story.
I’m about to make a ten minute dance film, in 3D, the concept of which, like Antithesis, revolves around the tension between three unequal poles.

The perks for the film involve a deal particularly aimed at graphic designers and typophiles: Donation starting at $75 will receive the typeface itself. I’m in the process of finishing a professional version of the typeface and expect to send it out to donators beginning of March.

Please help in making this fascinating project come true.
Crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo|
The project’s home base|

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I altered your post so that the links work. Best wishes!