Help with wooden geometric sanserif

This wooden typeface is part of the repertoire of my fine art academy. My job was to make a digital revival of them, but they're being slowly identified and it seems there is no original typeface among them. Still this one still got no ID. Any help?



This is at least the second time this particular typeface has shown up. It could be classified as late Jugendstil or Secession (first two decades of the twentieth century). It share many characteristics with Miller and Richard’s Bohemian…

but it’s obviously not the same typeface. IIRC, one of the other samples came from an Italian foundry, which is not an area I know a great deal about…yet…

Creating better images could help.

Need to reflect light off the glyph to show the letter details.
Arranging the letters in more orderly fashion would help.
Possibly image them via a mirror would assist I'm sure.

I'll print some of them the rough way the next week, so I'll show you the prints!