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So this guy took my font Gloria and is selling it on myfonts. UGH!!!!!

I hope myfonts pulls it!

My font is this:


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#26 as well. Yea, that does suck. That's an incredibly lazy rip-off, too. Good luck!

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Thanks, I need it. I just hope myfonts pulls it. Not right in my book.

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I suspect the plagiarist’s mistake was to assume that Gloria is a typeface revival, rather than an original by a living designer working in an historical genre, derived from various lettering sources.

There are a lot of distressed fonts, such as the very successful Veneer, closely modelled on old typefaces, so this practice is otherwise quite acceptable—as long as it is done from scans, rather than by “point piracy”.

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Reminds me of this:
In the end they arrived at some mutually-satisfactory agreement. On the other hand -unlike with Veneer and Wisdom Script- Duce possibly adds nothing of value so is not worth cutting any slack for. I'm not counting the cheesy Photoshop-redundant distressing effect.

Charles, I assume Gloria is not closely based on any pre-existing design?

- This is one great reason to be on MyFonts: if you're with them they're much more likely to honor your take-down requests. It also makes it much easier to get some/all of the money from sales of the offending font.
- Much of the work from Machalski/Borutta seems to suffer from the same sort of plagiarism. In fact the numerals in Duce look like they're swiped from Futura. Assuming there is that much plagiarism, MyFonts should definitely dump him/them, and try to figure out how to get any proceeds into the right hands.


New idea: If MyFonts can't get any money back from a dishonorable foundry they should ideally confiscate the fonts and keep selling them, giving the money to the right people, or at least a good cause, like TypeSnitch. Legally however that's probably not workable (and you most probably can't put clauses like that in the contract) so realistically the offended parties will have to deal with the offenders directly.


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I note that Newport Land by URW has some of the distinctive features of Gloria. But if one wants to rip off a typeface that embodies the features of a certain style of lettering... one should have picked on Mostra instead.

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Hi Charles,

we've already withdrawn the font from sale, it'll just take a few hours for our records to update.

For the sake of other readers with similar complaints, it's our policy that any font is taken off sale immediately while we resolve the dispute, so just get in touch with us – we'll always listen.


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Very nice, Anthony.

Charles, I would recommend that you return with details of how it was resolved. Transparency helps the honorable.


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Yes I was contacted by myfonts and they are pulling it! He was also selling it at other font distributors and so far 2 out 3 have already pulled it. So I guess that concludes this rant. :)

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But what about the rest of Borutta's offerings?...


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BTW Duce comes from Italian and was the name given to Mussolini (the Fascists leader). An equivalent of Führer for Hitler… what a sad idea for a name of a font clearly looking like 20th—30thies…

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While I have the greatest respect for you work, I have to say: get a grip!

If you “revive” a font, that doesn’t mean that you own it: it merely means that you own your particular interpretation of what the original meant to say. Borutta has his (?) take on the typeface, you have yours; comme ci, comme ça. Don’t be a Chicken Stew: there’s room in this world for a lot of different takes…

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Gloria is not a type revival, but an original typeface based on an old hand lettering style.
Borutta’s entire alphabet of letter forms is copied directly from Charles’, and is in no way an original interpretation of old hand lettering.

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Nick, I have the greatest respect for you too, but let me clarify.
I saw a beautiful picture posted here on typophile years ago. I tried to find it in the search bar to show what I was talking about but it did not come up with anything :( Anyways It showed a dimensional lettered sign that said "GLORIA" I thought that would make a cool font so I made my version of it. Its not a revival. I drew the letters. BTW if you place my letters on top of the photo it will be different as I did not trace the letters. In other words I made the font myself. Being a lettering artist has its advantages :)
What this guy did was he went to Letterhead fonts and printed out the sample page. There are no numbers or punctuation on the sample at LHF. He then took Futuras numbers and made a font out of it. That is pretty low in my book. Now, if I found this in a specimen sheet from the 30's or 40's I would think it would be free reign, but since I drew the letters myself I find it to be theft. Nick, you may think otherwise but to each his own.
@Nick Shinn, you nailed it!

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If you “revive” a font, that doesn’t mean that you own it:

Yes, but Nick Shinn had already noted upthread:

I suspect the plagiarist’s mistake was to assume that Gloria is a typeface revival,

This wasn't a revival. Had the font "designer" used Mostra as his basis, the name for the face would have been more appropriate, since that face was definitely based on posters of the appropriate period and location: of course, doing more research might have made it possible to do something original.

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Charles, Nick, et al

I stand corrected; thanks for clarifying. So, what say we form a lynch mob?

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No worries Nick :)

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That's cheesy. Beautiful font by the way Charles. Congratulations!

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Thanks Maciej! Yeah that is cheesy.
Old Nick, By the way, thank you for your comment above (I am being sincere, not being a smart ass). I actually consider it quite a compliment because it means I did my job as a lettering artist to replicate a period typestyle.

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