How to import Indesign CS4 shortcut to CS6

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Is there some people who can help me to import my Indesign CS4 shortcut in CS6? I work on MAC system. Many thanks

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Adobe advises against doing that, but it is possible. More info to be found here:

Deep into this thread someone posted scripts to export and import shortcuts.

BTW The Adobe InDesign Forum is better suited for questions like yours…

Edit: It seems that the later ID-versions are more consistent in the way they react to migrating shortcuts and the advice against is moot…

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Thanks Bert, I will check it. (Sorry for the error, I did'nt notice the InDesign Forum).

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Not an error, but this being a typography site, there aren't many InDesign experts around. : )

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Oh, boy: no forward compatibility. WHAT THE F*CK ARE YOU PEOPLE THINKING?

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What have done is export a text file of my CS4 shortcuts and check line by line to reinsert those one in my CS6 :-/
Thanks for your help.

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