Could someone help me identify the fonts in these signs?

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Hi there,
I found this site while searching for someone who knows about different fonts and their names :-)
I want to make these signs and was wondering if anyone knows what the names of the fonts in the picture are - hope the picture is clear enough to be able to see them.

Thanks ina dvance to everyone!


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Here's Three:
Emerald City: FB Ravie Ken O'Brien Font Bureau

FontMesa-Michael Hagemann/Algerian Mesa Plain

HOGWARTS is some form of Algerian, such as

The Hobbits: BlackadderITC

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Thank you! Now just need the others

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i am certain i've seen Mr. McGregor, but can't exactly place it. brain keeps screaming "whimsy" but it isn't.

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Narnia is Vivaldi font from URW or Vivienne from Corel or Vivace by ArcMedia, etc..

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CurlzMT from Microsoft.

Badger's House, (something) and TOAD HALL remain.

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